While provisioning some new Ruckus R510 WAPs onto our SmartZone 100 ( we’ve had a number of cases where the WAPs will reboot for their firmware update but will not proceed beyond that point. In particular the PWR and CTL lights stay lit but the radio lights do not come on at all.

Looking in Access Points > Affected WAP > More > Tunnel Diagnostics (we’re using AP tunnelling) I note errors along the lines of

ifconfig: gre1: error fetching interface information: Device not found

cat: can’t open ‘/proc/rksgre/gre1/stats’: No such file or directory
cat: can’t open ‘/proc/rksgre/gre1/cache’: No such file or directory
cat: can’t open ‘/proc/rksgre/gre1/cfg’: No such file or directory
cat: can’t open ‘/sys/kernel/debug/qca-nss-drv/stats/*’: No such file or directory

The solution thus far has been pretty simple – factory reset the WAP by pressing and holding the RESET button in the back for 6+ seconds. It’ll go through a process of about 5-10 minutes and thus far have been coming back in a functional state.

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One Response to New Ruckus (R510 on SmartZone) WAPs will not complete provisioning

  • Stephen Gower says:

    We’ve got a different setup in our college in the frozen North, so I think this is completely unrelated, but it occurs at about the same time in the provisioning.

    Our APs and controllers are set to use a management vLAN. When we provision new APs, we set the “native vlan” on the Cisco switch to the management vLAN, so the device will pick up that there’s a controller to register with. But at a similar time to your issue, once the firmware’s updated and the configuration loaded, the unit fails until we set the switchport’s native vLAN back to something else. Then we configure the AP to have an “untag id” of the management vLAN on its Ethernet port and the unit fails again until we change the switchport back to match. It’s only during provisioning, and we’ve got this workaround, so I’ve not taken time to work out what we’ve configured wrong!

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