First of all welcome to my world of IT – this website covers my antics as a Security and Networking consultant across my current and previous jobs.

About this site

The topics this site covers mainly focuses on what I can share from the workplace like interesting projects or issues that I might have come across and their resolutions. Naturally I can’t cover everything that I get up to and you will probably notice that in some screenshots information will be blurred or covered up entirely.

Over the years the focus of the site has changed, in the beginning there was a lot of content about VDI (e.g. RAID Cache and VDI) and App-V (e.g. Sequencing Adobe CS6 for App-V) then a lot of content about the Microsoft Surface RT. Later posts focused on Application Deployment particularly using Microsoft Group Policy and System Centre Configuration Manager of which one well visited post (Update Dell BIOS using SCCM 2012 Task Sequence) is still very relevant today.
Then with the rise of personal devices and remote working blog posts about a showcase deployment of WiFi in a Secondary School 4 SSIDs 1 Secondary Academy and WebDAV – Access Windows File Shares outside the firewall on any device came about.

More recent blog posts are now focused around Microsoft PowerShell (a big part of my current job) with ongoing efforts to build tools to automate the various tasks a SysAdmin might perform on a given day.

About me

I’m currently a Security Consultant working in Basingstoke, coffee is a big part of my work and I really enjoy the flexibility afforded in my current role. No two days are the same with a wide range of systems and services to work on and improve upon.

I’ve been working in the world of IT since leaving college (no interest in University – after all what can it offer me besides loads of debt) and have previously worked in Technician, System Administrator, and IT Manager roles at Secondary Schools, Secondary Academies and Colleges.

Personal interests

Outside of work I run a local Royal Air Force Air Cadets Squadron as well as playing games like Titanfall 2, Arma 3 and Ghost Recon Wildlands on the PC. I also enjoy trips out to Dartmoor for camping and hillwalking.

Thanks for reading!
James Preston
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