While setting up our new backup server (System Centre Data Protection Manager 2012) one of the issues we came across was with it failing the data synchronizations with a error message like this one-

Type:     Synchronization
Status:  Failed
Description:        Changes for Volume C:\ on <servername><domainname> cannot be applied to \\?\Volume{4fac41a1-0f58-11dc-8993-806d6172696f}\ProgramData\Sophos\AutoUpdate\Cache\savxp\. (ID 112 Details: Cannot create a file when that file already exists (0x800700B7))
More information

End time:             11/06/2012 14:29:16
Start time:           11/06/2012 14:28:14
Time elapsed:    00:01:01
Data transferred:             0 MB
Cluster node      –
Source details:  C:\
Protection group:            <servername>

The simple solution here is to exclude the Sophos AutoUpdate folder from the DPM backup, its quite a pain if you have to do it for a whole lot of servers but not much else that can be done!

The screenshots below go into a little more detail