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Its VLANs time! In this part of the guide I am going to look at the VLAN configuration required to get all of this up and running. For the whole setup we have the following VLANs being used- – VLAN 2 Services which includes as our Windows DHCP server, as the Wireless Controller and as the Smoothwall firewall – VLAN4 APs just a DHCP range (powered by Windows Server) that the APs sit in, once they have their first IP address it gets converted to a reservation – VLAN10 Windows clients another DHCP range (powered by Windows Server) – VLAN14 Apple clients another DHCP range (powered by Windows Server) – VLAN17 BYOD clients another DHCP range (powered by the Smoothwall firewall) – VLAN18 Public clients just one more DHCP range (powered by Windows Server)

Windows Server

The Windows DHCP server serves up IP addresses for various services as listed in the screen shot below.

Core switch configuration

The core switch provides Layer 3 routing (required to get VLANs to talk to each other) and also houses the Wireless Controller as an expansion module. The Smoothwall firewall actually sits on a separate switch in this configuration which can be found on port number K8.

Edge switch configuration (includes Smoothwall Firewall)

The edge switch config below shows how the switch talks back to the Core switch and which VLANs the Smoothwall sits in.

HP MSM Controller

This next part shows how the IP configuration is setup on the HP MSM wireless controller; click through the screen shots for more info.

HP MSM Access Points

This time its the turn for the access points, again just click through the screen shots.

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