Windows Live

If you have ever tried to push Windows Live Essentials (particularly Movie Maker/Photo gallery) through App-V you may have come across this error…

Couldn’t install programs
Couldn’t install these programs: Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working.
Error: 0x80070643
Source: wllogin-amd64

The reason behind this is Windows Live Essentials is trying to install a service (Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant) however App-V is mucking something up in the process of it doing that and as such the installer fails.

The simple solution is to therefore disable the service vitalization feature in App-V!

The steps to take to do this are shown in the two screen shots below

Also you may find it useful to use the offline installer version of Windows Live Essentials (just saves the wait while it downloads over the Internet and also allows you to run the installer even if you have a proxy server).

The link to the offline installer can be found on this page on the Windows Live website –

Last year just before Christmas I was very close to getting a Motorola Xoom Android Tablet PC but after much thought I changed my mind and decided that I would wait for Windows 8. Looking at the reasons below most of these relate to my nature as a IT professional and how I would use the tablet at both home, out and about and also at work.

Windows 8 is the match for my choice in phone and online services

I use Windows Live quite extensively covering Mail, SkyDrive (Photo storage/Documents), Contacts and Calendar – all of which integrate natively with my Windows Phone.

Microsoft has also demonstrated (video to the right) as to how these web services are built right into the OS in a way that is already familiar to me. This kind of continuity between devices can’t be matched and Android tablets (although Apple does very well with the iPhone and iPad offering a very similar user experience). Continue reading