System Centre

For the past few months we’ve had a donated storage server sitting in our storage room, with 8x1TB HDDs it was the perfect chance for us to supplement our daily tape backups with the speed of hard drives and move tape to monthly.

The only issue was that the server came with a rather pants Intel Core2Duo processor that didn’t even support 64bit! As such we couldn’t load our OS and Backup Software of choice (Server 2008 R2 and System Centre DPM 2012).

After a few months of waiting for budgets now we have been able to spend the £280 that it took to get some proper components into this server and the photos of it are below, full spec list is on the next page.

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If you are trying to setup System Centre Data Protection Manager 2010 with a SMTP relay that dosn’t use authentication (e.g. you use IP address filtering to allow access to your SMTP server) you may come across a problem where DPM throws up a error every time you try and send a email stating that a username/password must be entered.

The full error message is:

ID: 2013
Details: Logon failure: unkown username or bad password

Simple solution to this problem is to put in a username/password for a user account that has admin privileges on the DPM server.

Once that is in DPM will send emails off to any address you like quite happily.