Server 2008 R2

While trying to run the LSI Predictor on one of my servers I was getting the error message

Please install Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Performance Analyzer Version 4.8.7701

It took a while to nail down  what I actually needed to get this installed however the solution is hidden away in the Windows SDK (the link is for Windows 7 but the same applies to Server 2008 R2).

So get that installer downloaded and follow the steps below and you will be able to analyse your servers HDD performance with a pretty nifty tool.

Sometimes you will want to connect to a particular server in a RDS load balanced farm (maybe you want to perform a particular update on that server or something similar) however when you RDP onto it the load balancer kicks in and you may not get the server you were after.

The simple solution is to start a remote desktop session to that server using the /admin switch.

The screen shots below show one of many methods you could use to start the session.