I’m sure if you have ever spent any time looking after PCs you will soon come accross Java asking for updates; in a managed enviroment you wouldn’t want your users to see this prompt and the simple fix is to deploy Java properly.

Before I go any further I would like to thank the creator of this article 2012/06/12/java-jre-deployment-via-group-policy/ which most of this article is based upon (with a few my world of IT tweaks).

A few things you will need

  1. A download of the Offline Installer for Java –
  2. The Orca tool MSI editor tool (part of the Windows 7 SDK) – a guide to installing it can be found here

Since there are too many modifications in Orca to be included in the screen shots I have listed them in the table below instead (everything is in the Property table).

After a few requests the transform file (pre created) is now available in the ZIP file below

  Java 7 Transform (943 bytes, 1,748 hits)

So now that you have everything you need just follow this screen shot series.