I’ve had my Fitbit Ultra for quite some time now and have been wondering just how long does the battery last?

Well as the Fitbit website says 5-7 days but a little independent testing never went a miss so lets find out!

Update – If you don’t feel like reading the whole post my Fitbit Ultra lasted a whole 18 days without a recharge!

The testing methodology is that I will fully charge the Fitbit and keep a track on (and publish here) a basic overview of the day, I will record every nights sleep and also point out any gym sessions ect.

So here goes-

Day 1, Monday Evening @ 1806hrs – Now fully charged

Day 2, Tuesday Afternoon @ 1641hrs – Battery showing as high, tracked a full night of sleep and about 5,000 paces during the day

Day 3, Wednesday Evening @ 2348hrs – Battery still at high, another 7,500 paces on top of sleep from last night

Day 4, Thursday Evening @ 2240hrs – Battery now at medium, 8,000 paces today with sleep tracked from last night

Day 5, Friday Afternoon @ 1745hrs – Battery at medium, 6,000 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 6, Saturday – Battery at medium, 14,200 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 7, Sunday Evening @ 1849hrs – Battery at medium, 16,400 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 8, Monday Evening @ 2232hrs – Battery at medium, 8,400 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 9, Tuesday Evening @ 2223hrs – Battery at medium (yes still!), 12,000 paces today with gym session and sleep tracked

Day 10, Wednesday Evening @ 2220hrs – Battery at medium, 5,500 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 11, Thursday Evening @ 2358hrs (up playing Crysis :P) – Battery at medium, 7,300 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 12, Friday Evening @ 2251hrs – Battery at medium, 9,500 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 13, Saturday Evening @ 2352hrs – Battery at medium, 13,300 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 14, Sunday Evening @ 2318hrs – Battery at medium, only 3,500 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 15, Monday Evening @ 2353hrs – Battery at medium (and starting to wonder if its running off of some form of cold fusion), 7,300 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 16, Tuesday Evening @ 2233hrs – Battery at LOW!!!, 5,300 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 17, Wednesday Evening @ 2304hrs – Battery at low, 7,500 paces today with sleep tracked

Day 18, Thursday Evening @ 2238hrs – Battery at low, 8,900 paces today with sleep tracked

I’m afraid that although the battery is not completely drained that here I must end my test…I will be away from my PC for the next 5 days and as such won’t be able to update this post or check the paces/battery status and so its only fair to quit while I’m ahead.

As promised here is my article on the Fitbit mobile website!

First of all I’m a strong believer that the future of the mobile ‘app’ world isn’t in making applications just for particular devices but instead making well designed mobile websites.
Although the Fitbit team do have a iOS app they also have seen this light and also have gone ahead and made a very functional mobile friendly website (big buttons and designed for small screen sizes).

So for the full overview of the mobile websites click through the images in the rest of the post.

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FitbitI’m a strong believer that if you can monitor something well then you can make big leaps and bounds forwards. This especially applies to the world of IT; where for example, if you can monitor how fast a file server is running you can see if it needs a disk upgrade.

Even more so this applies to the human body and that’s where the Fitbit comes in use.

The basic idea is you have a small tracker that monitors your daily activity and reports back to a website through a wireless base station hooked up to your PC. The handy mobile website (no need for a silly ‘app’) also lets you log Food intake (there is a search option with most common options), add activity’s and record your daily weight.

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