FIM 2010

When setting up an installation of Microsoft Forefront Identity and Lifecycle Manager 2010 R2 going through the initial setup phase to configure common services I was getting the error message

The service account could not be found. This could be due to an incorrect password. Please check the service account and try again.

As it turns out I was getting this error message as I had entered the fully qualified domain name in the ‘Service Account Domain’ box instead of the shorter NETBIOS name.

Putting in the NETBIOS name allowed me to proceed to the next screen and finish the setup normally. See the screen shots below for a little more information-

Little help guide for anyone setting up Live@Edu using Forefront Identity Manager 2010!

When trying to install the OLSync (Outlook Live Management Agent) component you get the error

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 FP1 Sync Engine Configuration PowerShell Commandlets version (4.0.3555.2) must be installed.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by downloading the required components from Microsoft Support the direct link is –

You will note that you have to click on the well hidden link to get a hold of the hotfix to solve this problem but once you punch in your email address (make sure its a valid one because that is where Microsoft will send the hotfix) the download will be with you in just a few minutes.

The file that arrives is a zip archive, just extract the contents into a folder of your choice and run the file FIMSyncService_x64_KB2272389 and you will be good to go!