A bit of an odd one here (and has been reported to Ruckus as something that either needs clarifying or fixing) in that if you want to remove the requirement for CAPTCHA when self registering in a ‘out of band’ workflow block you need to configure your own SMTP server. Now that’s all fair however even with the server configured the disable option still doesn’t appear.

In this case it looks like you also need to disable (or configure yourself) the built in SMS server at Administration > System Service > Outbound SMS. With that set the disable option then appears in the drop down.

It’s been a while since posting and I do hope to sort that out but for now another quick mention of some work with Ruckus Cloudpath.

Although massively flexible in its design I’ve come into a few niche cases where administrators would like a single DPSK pool (which is bound to a single SSID) but where different users have different expiry dates on those DPSKs. Thus far I’m planning on interacting with the API via Node-RED to update these entries in the API as the provisioning process takes place – something for another blog post.

However for those who are just getting to grips with the API (using PowerShell in my case) I hope the short example in this GitHub repo can be of use: