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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Sequencing Adobe CS6 for App-V

With any luck if you have followed the previous instructions to the letter you should now have a perfectly working App-V package for any of the Adobe CS6 applications, to confirm that the licence is applying correctly you should see a command prompt window appear just before any of the Adobe applications load just as you see in the series of screen shots above.

So the question that everyone is asking – how on earth does this work?

Well basically….
The script that we included in the OSD file tells App-V to run a mini application that licences the Adobe Application every time it launches. This in turn overcomes the way that CS6 binds its self to a machines hardware ID when licenced.

So simple really! If you are having more problems with getting Adobe stuff through App-V check those prerequisites again as this is a common cause of issues!

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Sequencing Adobe CS6 for App-V

The next stop in this series of posts is your App-V Sequencing machine, in this case I will be running the sequencer as a virtual machine running in Hyper-V with a snapshot created to restore back to a clean machine quickly if needed.

3. Get the App-V sequencing going (but in a particular way)

Getting your Adobe software through the sequencer isn’t that much different from most other programs, the basics are you run a silent installer, include an additional folder in the Q drive (that one with the licence file/serialization file in) and also add something into the OSD file which activates Adobe each time you run it.

One thing you will need is a little bit later on is a snippet of script which I have put below to make it easy to copy/paste in.

  CS6 Serial Code (241 bytes, 2,254 hits)

Everything else you need is in the screen shots below 🙂 Continue reading

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Sequencing Adobe CS6 for App-V

First off to get one thing clear – YES YOU CAN PUT THE ENTIRE ADOBE CS6 PACKAGE THROUGH APP-V!!

I won’t say its easy or simple and you won’t be able to put the entire master collection in a single package but by following the instructions in this series you will be able to do it.

As a little background you should be aware of the following details, there are a few links below that may help you tweak the instructions I will provide in this series of posts-

  • You need a number of prerequisite applications/DLLs installed on both your clients and sequencing PCs, all of these can be deployed by good old GPO/SCCM
    • These prerequisites can be found in <Adobe Install Folder>\Adobe CS6\payloads and all the ones you need are highlighted in this image link
  • You will need the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.0 to prepare the Adobe software, licence keys (which you should have already) and Adobe online login
    • This should be installed on a PC other than the clients/sequencing PC
    • You only need it during the initial prep and can be uninstalled after
  • To give you a decent background on the AAMEE tool you should watch the following two videos
  • You should have at least background knowledge of App-V OSD files and using scripting with them, a good read can be seen here How to run scripts in an .osd file in Microsoft App-V

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Lets say you have downloaded the files for Adobe CS6 from the Adobe Volume Licence (VL) Site, just installed Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition to get a MSI made with your serial number/ect setup and ready.
However, every time you try to point the Product Installation Folder at your download from the Adobe VL site all you get is the error

A valid installer could not be found.

The simple solution to this problem is to first extract the data from the download from the Adobe website and then point the Adobe Application Manager at this folder with the extracted files in.

The screen shots below show this process a little more clearly.