16 Cores

I am a self admitted strong fan of HP server hardware and in this video I’ll give you a tour around one of our servers at work.

There is one little error in the video about ‘common slot power supplies’ – although the DL165 G7 is a great bit of kit the power supply isn’t of the new HP common design and so can’t be changed with ones from more advanced servers (e.g. the DL385 g7).

For more information on the HP DL165 G7 server visit the HP website using this link.

This is old news really but either way HP have updated a number of server models to include the new AMD Opteron 62xx processor series.
The beefiest of all being the Opteron 6282SE which comes with 16 cores each packing 2.6ghz of clock speed. Naturally this kind of speed comes at a high TDP (in this case 140W) especially when compared to the highly conservative Opteron 6128HE (8 core 2.0ghz) which chews through a TDP of just 85W. Continue reading