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While waiting for the cases/power supplies to arrive for our RDS Server Farm I thought we might as well fire one up and do a little stress testing, the first results (which look at application load times) can be seen below.

Here you see pretty much the entire Office 2007 and Adobe CS6 suite (with a few other programs thrown in for fun) load in almost no time at all.
In the background we had 6 students playing videos on YouTube (RemoteFX doing its thing) however this realy is just a test of the OCZ Vertex 4 SSD.

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4 Responses to Custom RemoteFX RDS Farm – Stress test 1 – Disk IO

    • James Preston says:

      Yep its quite a nice setup – the biggest thing about using Windows over Linux is you can use group policy to manage the endpoint.

      As far as ‘free’ goes Windows Thin PC is included as part of our Volume Lics so might as well use it.

  • Tim says:

    hi James. Great site and very helpful. I’ve always been wary and with little time (as you may also appreciate!) as I manage a 900+ student secondary/ academy, network. If you have time could you let me know how you are doing with your rds setup? I saw you had many rds servers in your video. How many rack did you make in the end and how many thins were they powering? How much ram were you using to get the speeds opening up all that software on the client? I am intrigued but I saw that you had a total of about 30 kids using office etc. in another vid. I have 3, 30 station suites and 3, 30 unit trollies of laptops :-/ Did you have ssds in the server and the clients? What clients were you using? Don’t worry if you don’t get time to answer my late night musings! Great job, mate- all the same 🙂

    • James Preston says:

      Hi Tim – thanks great to know the site is helping people!
      I don’t actually work at the school where I deployed this anymore however I was speaking to the network manager there just a few days ago and the whole setup is still working great.

      Its 4 RDS servers that are running in 2x 2U rack mount chassis, the full specs are here – but its 8GB of RAM per server and that seems to work out about fine for the 30 users that use the servers ( I’d imagine that with the latest AMD APUs and with more RAM that number could be tripled with no problems (at the same kind of price).

      Its SSDs inside the server and then a combination of ancient Pentium 4s (1GB of RAM and a HDD) and shiny new 10ZiG thin clients (5817v which has a Intel Atom dual core 2GB of RAM and a SSD).

      If you’d like to run over anything in more detail just get my email address from the About page (link in the right hand side bar!).


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