WP_20151112_10_34_28_RawAs part of an ongoing project to improve the room today we’ve been installing a set of rails for a pair of Dell PowerEdge T430 servers. You may have noticed the ‘T’ in the T430 to indicate they are tower servers but Dell provides a 5U rack conversion kit which is pretty easy to install.

One small question came up while putting the rails in – ‘Where do I mount the rails in relation to the 5U of space in the rack?’ to answer that question the bottom of the rails go at the bottom of the 5Us of space. Hopefully the image to the right illustrates this better!

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9 Responses to Rack Mounting a Dell PowerEdge T430 – where do I put the rails in relation to the 5U of space?

  • Jonny says:

    Hi James,

    Nice work!

    I’m looking at the same T430’s.

    What make and size cab are you using? What is the width & depth? Is the cab 600w x 800d?

    Best regards,


    • James Preston says:

      Hi Jonny,

      It’s a Dell rack – I’m afraid I don’t know the model though! 600w but 1000d.

      Would always go for 800w for anything that includes network cables in great density but in our environment 600w works fine 🙂


  • Jonny says:

    Thanks James,

    We are limited on space (h w d…) so are looking at a 39U 600w x 800d cab. We too are going down the T430 route on this project (rack mounted tower v standard rack server, as we are limited on depth) so we should have enough space at the rear for the T430 cabling as I understand they are 558.6 mm deep. We’ll have minimal data cabling so 600w will be ok 🙂


  • John Samson says:

    “Dell provides a 5U rack conversion kit” Where in the world did you find this kit? I’ve been searching all over but come up empty. Any info would be very appreciated. Thank you and good work 😀

    • James Preston says:

      Hi John, I’m afraid I don’t have the part numbers just ‘T430 Tower to Rack Conversion
      Kit, CusKit’ and ‘ReadyRails Sliding Rails Without Cable Management Arm, CusKit’ from the quote from our Dell account manager. Your best bet would be to get in touch with yours direct to get some 🙂

  • Hi John,
    Did you order your T430 in rack-config or did you add the rack kit at a later time?
    I just got myself a T430 which was previously racked.. so it’s missing the Top cover and its feet.
    I tried to purchase these items from Dell but they said they couldn’t see them to me because they are only sold at Point-Of-Sale..

    So if you happen to have a spare top-cover for a PowerEdge T430 lying around, I’d be willing to purchase it from you…

    Kindest Regards,
    Vincent (Canada)

  • Marcus says:

    Hi Vincent, we have a tower T430, that we want to put in a rack. We could do a swap… our tower parts for your rack parks. We are in Toronto, see you are in Canada.


    • Vincent Cojot says:

      Hi Marcus,
      I can’t believe I missed your message. Still want to swap parts? I wouldn’t mind and I come to Toronto often.

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