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First off to get one thing clear – YES YOU CAN PUT THE ENTIRE ADOBE CS6 PACKAGE THROUGH APP-V!!

I won’t say its easy or simple and you won’t be able to put the entire master collection in a single package but by following the instructions in this series you will be able to do it.

As a little background you should be aware of the following details, there are a few links below that may help you tweak the instructions I will provide in this series of posts-

  • You need a number of prerequisite applications/DLLs installed on both your clients and sequencing PCs, all of these can be deployed by good old GPO/SCCM
    • These prerequisites can be found in <Adobe Install Folder>\Adobe CS6\payloads and all the ones you need are highlighted in this image link
  • You will need the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.0 to prepare the Adobe software, licence keys (which you should have already) and Adobe online login
    • This should be installed on a PC other than the clients/sequencing PC
    • You only need it during the initial prep and can be uninstalled after
  • To give you a decent background on the AAMEE tool you should watch the following two videos
  • You should have at least background knowledge of App-V OSD files and using scripting with them, a good read can be seen here How to run scripts in an .osd file in Microsoft App-V

So time for step 1…

1. Using AAMEE to prepare a CS6 Trial Package (yes a Trial don’t worry its part of the process)

2. Using AAMEE to prepare a CS6 Serialization File

The Serialization File is applied to your Adobe software each time App-V runs – this is the bit which gets rid of any licence key issues


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12 Responses to Sequencing Adobe CS6 for App-V – Part 1, the prep

    • James Preston says:

      Cheers for the heads up – have updated the link to a similar video looks like the other one has been wiped out of the Adobe site.

  • Image2 select CS6 Trail Package says:

    Do I still need to run the serialize file before I run the application if I select the( Installation Package ‘serialized’) option if I already have the serial key?

    • James Preston says:

      The only way to get this to work is if you use the trial package so I wouldn’t even look at the ‘Installation Package Serialized’ option.

      The reason behind this is that the trial package allows you to run the serialisation file at application runtime the pre serialised package does not.

      • Venkat says:

        Thanks for quick reply james

        1) what is the advantage of pre serialised package…won’ this resolve the sign-in issue to the end-user?
        3) When I package the ‘trial’ and ‘Installation Package Serialized’ I didn’t find any difference between the output files aswell what is the actual difference?

  • Ray says:


    Just to be clear..

    is it or is it not possible to put the entire suite in 1 package ? ( App-v 4.6 SP1 )

    • James Preston says:

      No it is not possible to have a single package that covers all of the Adobe Applications – you go over the 4GB limit of 4.6.

      Not that I have looked into it yet but you should be able to get the whole of CS6 into App-V 5 as it has pretty much no limits.

  • Michael says:

    I know that the article is old, so just to inform new visitors / google searchers:
    There is AAMEE 3.1 which resolves all “license-to-machine” problems. You don’t need to build a trial package. Simple build a serialized package and deploy it.

  • Ray says:

    This week i started with packaging Adobe CS6 in App-V 5 (sp1)

    The only thing i leave out of it is the Acrobat Pro module ( can’t virtualize the printer driver 🙂 )

    I tested it on Windows 7 Enterprise, both x86 and x64. I put the whole suite in one package including any updates.. x86 will be about 2.4 GB and the x64 will be about 3.3 GB..

    Before you start sequencing install ALL required payloads..

    – Microsoft VC 2005 redist (x64)*
    – Microsoft VC 2005 redist (x86)
    – Microsoft VC 2008 redist (x64)*
    – Microsoft VC 2008 redist (x86)
    – Microsoft VC 2010 redist (x64)*
    – Microsoft VC 2010 redist (x86)
    – Microsoft VC 80 CRT (x86)
    – Microsoft VC 90 CRT (x86)

    *depending on your infrastructure!

    Don’t forget to put the serialization.exe en xml file in de UserConfig and your good to go!!

    ” Performing is a second thing 🙁 but i,m still busy on fine tunning that “

  • Carl says:

    I’m sequencing Adobe Creative Cloud Illustrator at this stage using App-V 5 SP1. Initially I had an issue with the license serialisation receiving a 213:19 error at launch. This is caused by the restrictive permissions set on the folder c:\programdata\adobe\SLStore when captured during App-V sequencing. This folder is only created if you launch the programs during sequencing, if you don’t launch the programs during sequencing this error doesn’t occur.

    However I’m now getting Error:16 when running Illustrator. Looking in the amt3.log the error is “SLCace is not writable” which sounds like another permissions issue.

    Any ideas as to the cause/fix for this issue?

    • Vasile Jichin says:

      @Carl. you could enable VFS write and you could play with this “xcacls.exe” to grant some rights on the folders that are not writable

      @REM Grant everyone read access to all files in “Adobe” folder and subfolders
      xcacls.exe %PUBLIC%\Documents\Adobe /T /E /G Everyone:R /y

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