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First off to get one thing clear – YES YOU CAN PUT THE ENTIRE ADOBE CS6 PACKAGE THROUGH APP-V!!

I won’t say its easy or simple and you won’t be able to put the entire master collection in a single package but by following the instructions in this series you will be able to do it.

As a little background you should be aware of the following details, there are a few links below that may help you tweak the instructions I will provide in this series of posts-

  • You need a number of prerequisite applications/DLLs installed on both your clients and sequencing PCs, all of these can be deployed by good old GPO/SCCM
    • These prerequisites can be found in <Adobe Install Folder>\Adobe CS6\payloads and all the ones you need are highlighted in this image link
  • You will need the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.0 to prepare the Adobe software, licence keys (which you should have already) and Adobe online login
    • This should be installed on a PC other than the clients/sequencing PC
    • You only need it during the initial prep and can be uninstalled after
  • To give you a decent background on the AAMEE tool you should watch the following two videos
  • You should have at least background knowledge of App-V OSD files and using scripting with them, a good read can be seen here How to run scripts in an .osd file in Microsoft App-V

So time for step 1…

1. Using AAMEE to prepare a CS6 Trial Package (yes a Trial don’t worry its part of the process)

2. Using AAMEE to prepare a CS6 Serialization File

The Serialization File is applied to your Adobe software each time App-V runs – this is the bit which gets rid of any licence key issues


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