I’m no fan of Linux – in fact I go out of my way to use Microsoft IIS at work to host internal websites, additionally I’m no fan of Dell – again I prefer HP in every single possible way.

But even with this for some strange reason over the past 4 years or so I always have done and shall continue to use UK Web Solutions Direct (who run Linux on Dell servers) for my website hosting.

So why this big difference from my normal Linux/Dell attitudes?

Its all down to these few key reasons

Outstanding support

24/7/365 support is essential in the modern world of web hosting – if something goes wrong it needs to be fixed asap. Indeed even when a simple change is needed to a service plan/hosting package its great to know that knowledgeable, polite and responsive staff are at the other end.
In every single way this is what I have always had from UKWSD – every single query I have asked has been answered within an hour (in fact quite often in just a few minutes).
As a testament to real 365 day support you may notice this site went live on Christmas day and it was the UKWSD team that moved my hosting account from an old domain to this new one.


Managing a complete website is a lot more than just looking after a WordPress install and it is cPanel that sits behind this site which gives me full control over DNS (Sub domains/Zone Editors/Redirects), FTP, Email Accounts, Bandwidth usage, MySQL (through phpMyAdmin).
Furthermore the Installatron web applications installer truly is the fastest way to get any kind of web application (from WordPress to Joomla! and everything in between) with very little configuration required.

If that wasn’t enough cPanel isn’t just some in house designed, messy, confusing web hosting control panel – its a 3rd party product that has a lot of thought put into it to make it a clean and simple. Even better cPanel is included as a standard feature on all web host packages.

Plain and simple website/ordering

When ordering a product I don’t want to be bombarded with ‘special offers’, sales or other incentives to buy (e.g. Google Adwords credit/ect) – I just want to see what I’m getting and know how much it is going to cost me.
This kind of magic is precisely what UKWSD has tapped into – each product page (be it hosting/VPS/domain names) shows you in a simple table what you are getting for your money and then underneath shows the features that come with that package.

Plain and simple is the way to be!


So basically buying from UKWSD is kind of like buying from Waitrose instead of Aldi – its all about the little extras that make your purchase work perfectly every time.

For more information visit the UK Web Solutions direct website.

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