10 Responses to Windows 10 Mail – Your Outlook account settings are out of date – Fix

  • Khalizan Halid says:

    Just to let you know that this didn’t work for me. I am using Windows 10 Pro, been okay for 2 weeks then today this suddenly happened.

  • Stan fritz says:

    Same problem, but this solution did not work. Neither did resetting the Store app, where Mail looks for updates. Neither did a reboot. I to am using a Surface Pro, but it is V 1, not 3.

  • Fraser says:

    Thanks James, I’ve been cursing this for over 4 weeks and found the Microsoft forms no help at all. This fix looks like my searching has ended, much appreciated.

  • Gary Weaver says:

    I found the solution to this problem. Click on the New Notifications list on the bottom right of your screen where you probably have a whole list of ” Outlook settings are out of date”. Right click one of these and choose not to receive notifications from this app. Done, no more “Outlook settings are out of date”. This is a glitch from Microsoft which they will probably not fix and why would you want to receive notifications from this app anyway since all you are receiving is junk.

  • StanLee says:

    Unable to choose the option to ‘not receive notifications from this app’ as that option is greyed out for both the “Outlook settings are out of date” or the equally annoying “Your account settings are out of date” notification.
    I have tried entering valid credentials in Windows Credential Manager but they were auto deleted on re-booting.
    I always login with my valid MSFT credentials and login separately to One Drive and Outlook.com etc. etc. MSFT simply does not ‘remember’ and persists in nagging me to re-enter the credentials!
    A lengthy on-line ‘chat’ with a MSFT tech resulted in a simplistic suggestion to clear browser temp files & history and pre-fetch data! Yeah, like that is going to fix it – not!
    Also ensured my Time/Date settings are accurate – they are so no fix form me with that ‘fix’.
    Running out of options now. Seems the idea of a unified login for all MSFT apps/websites is poorly implemented or just broken in Windows 10.

  • I have the same problem with my Outlook mail account as well as Cortana. When IO try to log in on Cortana my computer just flashes a gray box about the size of the log in box and it disappears jus as fast as it appeared. No log in, no fix.

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