In this guide I am going to show how to perform a very basic setup of a HP ProCurve 2610 Layer 2 network switch using a serial to console cable.

First up you will need a serial to console cable and a PC that has a serial port. If you don’t have a PC with a serial port (old HPs are great for this purpose) then you can get a USB to serial adapter – a point to note here is watch out for the super cheap ones, quite often you will find that they use counterfeit chips meaning USB drivers don’t work reliably.

Anywhos on with the guide!

First up the network switch that I have has been previously protected with a password, in addition I want to configure the switch from scratch. To do this I am going to perform a factory reset and clear…

Now its time to configure the switch, for the configuration I will be using PuTTY which can be downloaded from here –

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2 Responses to HP ProCurve 2610 – Basic Setup using console cable

  • Eric says:

    Thanks sir, I have just ordered the cables I need…. console to serial and serial to USB. Will be testing this with my 2610. I really need Browser access but the switch is on factory settings which means I NEED console access first – gah! I wish they would just have browser access by default.

  • Rob says:

    The HP ProCurve 5400R and many others have Web Access out of the box (at least to my knowledge)… just got to figure out what the IP address is in that case. I my situation I already had SpiceWorks on my network, and just did a scan for new devices and found the IP address immediately, and was able to access the web panel that way. Perhaps this may help you in the future.

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