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One of the most interesting features of the OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 is that in many situations you can boot a OS right off the drive (great for super fast gaming PCs). The only issue with this is not every motherboard out there will support booting right off a PCI-E SSD (OCZ do have a list here though) but also more importantly its a right pain to update the firmware on a SSD that you are booting off.

The specifics are that the OCZ tools won’t allow the flashing of a SSD which you are running a OS off, as such you need to either install your OS of choice onto a normal HDD or use the OCZ Linux LiveCD (which dosn’t support proxies).

With this little issue I would then suggest that you only ever use SSDs for storage and that the OS sits on a pair of HDDs in RAID1.

So why are firmware updates so important?
Firmware updates fix issues with the SSD and also help to improve performance through improvements in the drives software.

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