There are lots of great reasons to replace personal printers with centralised photocopiers but one of the overlooked ones can be the greater ability to monitor these copiers using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

This article looks at keeping track of the status of the paper trays (how full they are!) using PRTG ( on Sharp photocopiers.

To get rolling you will need-

  • PRTG (or some other item of software that can talk to SNMP)
  • Some way of querying the SNMP OIDs on the copiers (for this article I used the free version of MIB Browser –
  • A little bit of ingenuity

If just by chance you are using the Sharp MX-2640N copiers then you can save time by using the following OIDs-

Paper Tray 1 Status .
Paper Tray 2 Status .
Paper Tray 3 Status .
Paper Tray 4 (A3) Status .

So to get this up and running follow the screen shot sequence below.

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5 Responses to Monitoring Sharp Photocopiers Paper Tray with SNMP (PRTG)

  • Mike says:

    I managed to get most of the Kyocera printers we have setup on this. The OIDs are similar if not the same. I couldn’t actually find the end of the MIBs though, I was clicking for nearly a half an hour trying to get the End of MIB thing to display, but it wouldn’t. I also managed to find a couple of extra MIBs that show Max total amount of toner in milligrams and current level of toner in milligrams. One way of keeping an eye on toner levels. That only worked on some models though, and not all. Some of the smaller model Kyoceras were not reflecting the amounts correctly, and it something I’ll need to go back an look at. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Now trying to setup the printer map page to show everything.

    • James Preston says:

      Great to know it helped Mike! Interesting that the toner is being measured in milligrams will have to take a look into that myself.

  • Peter says:

    thanks for this great Post, really helped me too.
    i was wondering if you already found something regarding toner level, drum life etc.?

    • James Preston says:

      For that you want the SNMP Printer BETA sensor in PRTG; for most copiers and printers it will at least come out with the Toner level and the status of the hardware (if any doors or paper trays are open), for others it will also pickup on waste toner and drum life.

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