The HTC Pro 7 has built in 3.5G and Wi-FiLast month I almost maxed out my 500MB of mobile internet usage from Orange – this made me think, how much of this could I have saved if I used Wi-Fi more often?

As it stands I have complete wireless coverage at home though my Belkin Router, also at work we have a complete site wide wireless network powered by Aerohive which provides both students and staff with free internet. As I would expect to spend the majority of my internet using hours between these two locations I should hope to see a substantial drop in my mobile internet usage.

Usually I’d go the day with Wireless turned off – after all it ‘drains the battery’ however over the past few days I’ve actually found that my battery usage is no higher with Wi-Fi turned on all of the time and so long as I keep to my overnight phone charging routine I don’t see myself running out of battery power during a normal day.

I’d like to guess my mobile internet usage is pretty average on my HTC Pro 7, I browse the web, have Exchange and Windows Live mail push setup for instant email notifications as well as the odd use of Bing Maps and Search.

So I’m now at day 1 of a 30 day rolling contract and my mobile internet usage is set to 0MB used, lets see what its like in the end!

Mobile internet usage on day 1

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