One of my goals of this site is to raise the profile (even if just a little) of the issues that UK schools face throughout the year.

One such problem is how to deploy remotely accessible services (VPNs/Terminal Server/Citrix VDI/or the famous Home Access Plus+) in a secure but low cost manner. Obviously a key part of these services is security and for modern web security you need a SSL Security Certificate.

Most hosting companies will charge £40+ a year for even the most basic of SSL certificates (and personally I would put that into more RAM for a server!) but luckily JANET (the Joint Academic NETwork) offers any school, college or university completely free security certificates.

Schools have the extra hoop to jump through in the sense that they have to apply through their LEA/RBC; but, I know for one thing Oxfordshire County Council are doing well with this and we already have two certificates protecting both our web portal and VPN.

For more information visit the JANET Certificate Service web page.

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