Recently I came across a need to update the BIOS of a number of Dell PCs, given that the PCs were due to be re-imaged it made sense to perform the update as part of the System Centre Configuration Manager 2012 task sequence process.

To kick this process off you will need

  • A need to update the BIOS – you should only update the BIOS on a PC if a later revision fixes a particular issue you are having (in my case it was a wake on LAN issue)
  • The BIOS update files from the Dell Support site – on occasion you may need to perform a staged update process, for example on the Dell Optiplex 390 to go from Revision A01 to A10 you must first update to A02.

The first step of this process requires that you put the BIOS update in as a Package, follow the guide below to see how this is done.

Please note – this guide only applies to the ‘newer’ packaged style of Dell BIOS updates, the steps to identify if you have one of the newer style packages can be seen in the first three screen shots.

Next you need to include the package in the SCCM task sequence, during the process you will need this WMI query (contained within the download to make copy/paste easy)

  BIOS WMI query (83 bytes, 3,181 hits)

A few points to note

  • You do not want the BIOS update to trigger the restart – (I have never been able to get this to work without causing a error and stopping the task sequence)
  • If you have one of the older BIOS versions you may find this list of legacy command line switches useful.
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5 Responses to Update Dell BIOS using SCCM 2012 Task Sequence

  • Mike says:

    Thanks. Does this still work or have you found a better way to do bios updates for Dell machines? Just looking to set something up with SCCM 2012 and our various Dell models. I’ll give this a shot.

    • James Preston says:

      Haven’t found a better way as yet – the only real reason I had to work out a solution in the first place was to get a WOL problem fixed otherwise I wouldn’t have even explored this an option 🙂

  • David says:

    What if you use one task sequence for different computer models. Could you include all the packages and then include a model filter for each package?

    • James Preston says:

      No reason why not, worth checking that the BIOS will only apply on supported machines as well (just in case a filter was incorrectly configured) – last thing you want to go doing is bricking a motherboard 🙂

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