Little bit of an interesting issue that I came across today that I thought I would share…

One of our staff was having issues working with PowerPoint 2007 which we deploy through App-V 4.6 – basically the mouse would stop working normally acting as if something else was clicking on part of display. When running PowerPoint the entire PC would have the odd mouse behaviour (Start Menu, Windows Explorer and other MS Office programs) however when running any of the other Office applications (Word/Excel) the mouse didn’t show this odd behaviour.

What we found in the end is that the staff member had recently installed a trail of SMARTBoard Notebook on his PC (we are all Promethean IWBs here) and after uninstalling that the mouse worked fine!

So I don’t know if its a App-V issue that doesn’t play well with SMARTBoard or something else but either way that is the fix that we found that works!

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