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Encryption still seems to be a bit of a dirty word in the world of IT – all to often we hear about a notebook PC being stolen and that it had unencrypted data on it. Luckily the Microsoft Surface RT comes with encryption built in right out of the box and to make things even better it

  • Uses the same Bitlocker Encryption that you will find and trust in Windows 7/8
  • Uses a v2.0 TPM chip that is built into Surface RT (which keeps the encryption keys safe)
  • The fact that Encryption is enabled is highly visible through My Computer and also the Bitlocker management tool
  • Is turned on right out of the box without having to wait for any additional setup or ‘encryption time’ – just take it out of the box and you are already protected from data loss

Naturally encryption is only one part of any decent security policy and users should be using strong password to help protect your PC.

One of the new features included in Windows 8 that helps with security is Picture Password more details of which can be found at this link here.

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