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Lets all face it we don’t live in the paperless office…yet…and from time to time you will find a need to print something. With most modern tablets printing maybe an issue, maybe you will be lucky have you have the latest HP printer next to you with Apple AirPrint (to see the rather short list click here) but if you are like most people out there that just wont be the case.

So in steps Windows RT with support for a wide range of printers including (but far from limited to) the HP CP1515 which I demo printing to in the video above.

Just in case anyone asks if you have a network printer (Wi-Fi or LAN) then yes you can print to it as well from Windows RT just hop into Settings > Devices and from there your tablet will search out any printers available in your network.

So Microsoft Surface + Windows RT + USB Port + Printer = work anywhere the way you want!

To check if your printer is compatible with Windows RT (because some older models might not be) just visit the Microsoft website at this link here.

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