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A bit of an odd post but given this bag is proving so very handy I thought it worth it!

Having started a new job at the beginning of the year it was evident that I would need to carry around a bit more kit with me than previously, with Christmas just around the corner it was the perfect time to do a little research into cable organiser bags. After a fair bit of time on Amazon I came around to the BUMB Cable Bag in the ‘small’ size –

After 3 months of use this bag has really proven itself with a others in the office ending up buying one as well! In particular I’ve liked-

  • The durable material and zips, haven’t had a jam or any sign of damage in daily use
  • The bright colour trim around the edge of the bag – goes well with the yellow/gold interior of my laptop bag making it super easy to see at night
  • The big loop on the side making it easy to grab ahold of when jammed in amongst all the other kit in my laptop bag
  • All the interior pouches are big enough for the cables I have

Although I’ve still got some work to do on making a final call on which cables are staying and going at the moment I’m running with (in order that I think I’m using them)

  1. USB-A to USB-C
  2. USB-A to USB-Micro B
  3. Apple Headphones
  4. USB to Serial
  5. Microsoft Miracast adapter
  6. 3.5mm Microphone – I use this to record the audio whenever running a presentation
  7. USB-C to USB-C, only a short cable and a pretty new addition now that I have a power bank with a USB-C outlet on.

The USB-A to USB-B cable is likely to have to give way for a USB-A to Apple lightning charger (work phone) at some point soon I’m afraid having not been used once.

In addition in the ZIP bag I keep

  1. 2x Ruckus Wireless Access Point release/reset tools – better than any paperclip when having to reset network switches/other things with pin push buttons!
  2. Wall socket to USB-A adapter
  3. 32GB USB memory stick
  4. 2GB USB memory stick (handy for weird devices that can’t handle larger capacities)
  5. Packet Squirrel – not something I’ve had a chance to use yet but seems like it’ll come in handy one day
  6. The few hook and loop straps that came with the bag

Hopefully this has been a handy little insight into the cables I find myself using on a daily basis and how I keep them tidy!

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