The Cloud

The idea of ‘cloud’ computing has been around since the first web based email services but only in the past few years has the term become mainstream.
Here I look into software that runs somewhere other than on your PC.

A press release today from AMD (AMD Launches New Platform for Dedicated Web Hosting Providers) seems all too convenient after AMDs recent purchase of SeaMicro.

The basics of it all goes that AMD now has a server class processor with a low power consumption, high core count that fits in a desktop class motherboard all of which is perfect for so called ‘cloud’ computing – specifically in the area of web hosting which requires ultra high density processing (fitting as many processors in a small amount of space).
For a little while now one of the key players in this arena has been SeaMicro with its Intel Atom powered (yes the same kind of processor that you might find it a netbook).
Of course now that SeaMicro is part of AMD it wouldn’t be seemly for them to continue to use Intel processors (AMDs rival) – thus AMD steps in with the 3200 series.

Its all just a little observation but I wouldn’t mind betting AMD has pushed this processor through the RnD guys fast to get it on the shelves and used in their new SeaMicro servers.

From a different perspective with its desktop style AM3+ socket I could certainly see this CPU coming in use with projects such as my recent storage server construction where a high volume of storage (and not processing power) is required but not that it wouldn’t be nice to have a decent low power server class CPU ticking the whole thing over.

Little help guide for anyone setting up Live@Edu using Forefront Identity Manager 2010!

When trying to install the OLSync (Outlook Live Management Agent) component you get the error

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 FP1 Sync Engine Configuration PowerShell Commandlets version (4.0.3555.2) must be installed.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by downloading the required components from Microsoft Support the direct link is –

You will note that you have to click on the well hidden link to get a hold of the hotfix to solve this problem but once you punch in your email address (make sure its a valid one because that is where Microsoft will send the hotfix) the download will be with you in just a few minutes.

The file that arrives is a zip archive, just extract the contents into a folder of your choice and run the file FIMSyncService_x64_KB2272389 and you will be good to go!

As promised here is my article on the Fitbit mobile website!

First of all I’m a strong believer that the future of the mobile ‘app’ world isn’t in making applications just for particular devices but instead making well designed mobile websites.
Although the Fitbit team do have a iOS app they also have seen this light and also have gone ahead and made a very functional mobile friendly website (big buttons and designed for small screen sizes).

So for the full overview of the mobile websites click through the images in the rest of the post.

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FitbitI’m a strong believer that if you can monitor something well then you can make big leaps and bounds forwards. This especially applies to the world of IT; where for example, if you can monitor how fast a file server is running you can see if it needs a disk upgrade.

Even more so this applies to the human body and that’s where the Fitbit comes in use.

The basic idea is you have a small tracker that monitors your daily activity and reports back to a website through a wireless base station hooked up to your PC. The handy mobile website (no need for a silly ‘app’) also lets you log Food intake (there is a search option with most common options), add activity’s and record your daily weight.

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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series What I take from the Vision 2011 video

Looking at the Vision 2011 video Microsoft obviously has some pretty nice ideas to where phones are going, lets take a look at what those could be.


Thinner, lighter, longer battery lives and smaller bezels – sounds like the latest fruit flavoured device but future phones won’t just end there.

In the vision 2011 video we can clearly see in some scenes the phone is actually semi transparent and as well as having a front touch screen the entire of the back of the phone is touch sensitive as well. The benefit in this is that you no longer cover 40% of the screen with your hand and so its easier to pick out content from the screen. Continue reading

I’m no fan of Linux – in fact I go out of my way to use Microsoft IIS at work to host internal websites, additionally I’m no fan of Dell – again I prefer HP in every single possible way.

But even with this for some strange reason over the past 4 years or so I always have done and shall continue to use UK Web Solutions Direct (who run Linux on Dell servers) for my website hosting.

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