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Its looking like we got our sizing for our custom RDS servers right and we may well have answered (at least for own internal use) ‘how many users can you get on a RDS server?’.

The video shows our RDS farm under normal load with 24 clients remotely logged in (excluding the admin session I was using) with the CPU usage being either low or idle on occasion.

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2 Responses to Custom RemoteFX RDS Farm – Stress test 2 – How many users per server?

  • Nathan says:

    How many servers are in the farm? is it 2 or 4?

    Sorry if I’m being slow but you didn’t answer the title of the blog post! :p

    • James Preston says:

      No problem – there are 4 servers in the farm – each of which does 6 users with ease and that could easily go up to 12 per server.

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